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Our Mission

Alquimia Global has a mission to connect local and international programs and agents of change. To support and create sustainable and equitable transformation spaces and projects around the globe.

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Our Vision

To become the catalyst for the transformation of our communities, bringing the diversity of people together for positive sustainable change.

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Help & Support

Our focus is to provide alternatives to traditional forms of support, to seek gaps in services and partners building community positive transformations in these spaces. To open up spaces to connect with thought leaders, partnerships for intersectionality work, creating and supporting projects that keep the individual and the global impact in mind. Stay tuned for upcoming programs this 2018!

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A litter bit More

About US

Transforming the World

One idea and action at a time! The possibilities are endless.

Alquimia Global is a 501c3 non-profit organization that has an international vision of supporting positive transformation around the globe.

What we seek to do: Provide Global Positive Social transformation spaces, programs, and collaborations of underserved populations through education, advocacy, research, economic empowerment, violence prevention, social sustainability strategy, coalition building and cultural awareness and impact of technology at local and International scale.

Furthermore, it is a critical piece of our work to specialize in the intersectionalities that impact our global and local communities. It is our goal to bring multiple influencers of change to the discussion and decision tables and build communication bridges between different populations that create and receive the impact of our large-scale human interactions, business, policy, and social services decisions.

Our Projects

Our Partnerships, Professional Affiliations, and Programs that are helping us in this journey towards transformation.

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